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Once more, we sunk deep in the darkest pits of the underground to draw forth the American Occult Black Metal entity AKHLYS.

AKHLYS was created by Naas Alcameth (NIGHTBRINGER, BESTIA ARCANA) in 2009 to serve as a voice for the Muse that arises from the dark lands between death and dreams. A 37 minute, single-track, dark ambient album entitled “Supplication” was released in limited number by Starlight Temple Society the same year. Since that time AKHLYS has been slowly fleshed anew arising again as a dark ambient and black metal unification, the reification of dream sojourn through the chambers of Yesod.

Naas Alcameth comments : “I am very pleased to be working with Debemur Morti to release "The Dreaming I". I can hardly think of a more fitting home for AKHLYS and am proud to place my work amongst the elect of the Debemur Morti roster.

Below, you can get a taste of their dark and deeply enigmatic universe by listening to the song "Aoratos" (taken from the upcoming Daemon Worship compilation.)

AKHLYS will begin recording their new full-length in December. "The Dreaming I" is set to unveil via Debemur Morti in 2015.

Get ready to be enshrouded by the mist of death !

Posted on 10-27-2014 | Category: Akhlys