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  • Ævangelist
    15,00 € In Stock
    12" LP "Writhes in the Murk" signifies the next phase in the existence of ÆVANGELIST's approach to experimental and extreme dark music. Falling somewhere within, but never fully defined by, the current boundaries of Death Metal, Black Metal, Dark Ambient, Industrial, Power Violence, & Black Noise with a heavy influence from choral music, jazz textures,...
  • Infestus
    15,00 € In Stock
    Gatefold 12" LP With this new imperial offering, INFESTUS transcends its own style at the frontiers of an emphatic and depressive Dark Metal and a refined Black Metal."The Reflecting Void" is a sophisticated album that will project you into another dimension, offering the listener an incredible collection of 8 engrossing and immersive compositions.An...
  • Barghest / False
    16,50 € In Stock
    12" LP Split between two bands from opposite ends of the black metal spectrum. 1 new 17 minute song from False and 1 new/1 old song from Barghest available on vinyl for the first time. False continue to evolve in their brand of powerful and relentless, brooding style while Barghest showcase the past and future. Their new song, Inhuman Hatred, shows much...
  • Barghest
    15,00 € In Stock
    12" LP Harsh and noisy, lo-fi black metal from Baton Rouge, LA. Standing behind the anti-human/anti-life mantra.Debut full length, super minimal art, no insert, no information. Just noisy and abrasive black metal.Released by Gilead Media.
  • Northless
    18,50 € In Stock
    Gatefold 2x12" LP Northless is a response to the erosion of the future. Drawing inspiration from numerous entities throughout the realm of dark & heavy sound, the members of this group have combined their own influences and personally diverse musical backgrounds into a concoction of progressive, dooming sludge metal. Great, shuddering washes of sound...
  • Vhol
    24,00 € In Stock
    Gatefold 2x12" LP Throughout the seven raging tracks on this debut full-length, VHOL have managed to inject the raw, unchecked aggression of old school hardcore into classic metal, resulting in a vicious sound that manages to tread far anything that has come before. All the while it feels as though the entire works is going to come undone through its own...
  • Dirge
    18,50 € In Stock
    Gatefold 2x12" LP Born in 1994, the “French masters of “Neurotic Post-Core”, DIRGE, are back with a phenomenal and highly-anticipated sixth album. “Hyperion”, a gargantuan addition to the band's impressive and perfect discography, takes your mind wandering across vast grey skies, bleak vistas and scintillating light.Dense and massive, marrying telluric...
  • Necrosemen
    13,50 € In Stock
    12" MLP A one-sided 12"EP offering 3 tracks of pure Black/Death. This entity took form in Switzerland in the summer of 2012. Worth checking out for those who salivate for material along the lines of TEITANBLOOD, WRATHPRAYER, BEHERIT, BLASPHEMY...or even NECROS CHRISTOS. Limited to 300 copies.Released by Blood Harvest.
  • Teitanfyre
    15,00 € In Stock
    12" LP The vinyl edition of the debute album of one of Russias most prominent Black/Death squadrons TEITANFYRE. The vinyl will include an exclusive bonus track, "Speaking Graves". Released by Blood Harvest.
  • Infinitum Obscure
    15,00 € In Stock
    Gatefold 12" LP This LP comes in a very nice gatefold cover, with a large, full-size 12-page booklet and an A2-size poster. The newest full-length from Tijuana Mexico's INFINITUM OBSCURE has finally been unleashed! An auditory manifesto of the end of humanity and the transcendence of the inner flame. Recorded by metal legend Bill Metoyer (Slayer, Morbid...
  • Black Vul Destruktor
    15,00 € In Stock
    12" LP Hailing from the Patagonian capital city of Nequen, Argentina. BLACK VUL DESTRUKTOR play a dark & primordial Black/Death Metal with a very tribal and unique sound which is both interesting and distinctly South American. The band issued its first demo in 2008 and the latest EP "Bestial Obscure Metal Kaos" in 2012. The "Bestial Obscure Metal...
  • Malignant Asceticism
    6,00 € In Stock
    7" EP Conceived in 2010, the will of Chile's MALIGNANT ASCETICISM is whispered and executed through those who walk the left-hand path, called to spread the message. Influenced by the most sinister currents of black metal, Ascensum Serpens gets inside the most sublime subjects of spiritual elevation, through the mysteries of sexual magick. A conscious...