Terra Tenebrosa 

Young Cuckoo, in his nest
Devoured all its kin
Pushed them out, one by one
And flew, shedding its skin

Cuckoo then opened jaws
Til all fell in its ways
Indulged in every poison
Just to see how it would taste
Proud Cuckoo ventured next
To take upon the King
But “Only when you have lost all
Shall you as regent sing”

Cuckoo thus pursued the quest
To travel o'er world
Terra Tenebrosa: the dark earth
Before his feet unfurled
Down tar-trails into darkened woods
And fields he did wander
Staircases descending the abyss
And stranger places yonder
As boatsman of the unconscious,
He rowed people to and fro
Oft his boat was emptied
As guests drowned in the undertow
Cuckoo saw the women
Giving birth over the graves
Saw humans binding themselves to fate
Predestinated slaves

Lamenting all things perishable,
Enscribed with mortal peck
But no true beauty without decay
Breathing down its neck
The voyager returned from travel,
Senses spent and weary,
Eyes hollowed by all things seen ​
Yet refusing to unsee
His stomach bloat and sagged
From all which he had ate
Rich in wisdom he may be
But also scorn and hate
The present king bowed his head,
His time had come to pass:
”Only one who embraces chaos
Can rule unruly mass”
As veil was lifted from his gaze,
Crowned Cuckoo now could see
Not until you give up all
Is your spirit free
And truth speaks in splintered tongue,
Through fog and filthy air:
That soul is found in solitude
And “I” mined from despair  
Elusive is the Cuckoo,
Cunning in craft and trickery
His roar withers into sobs,
Then erupts in malicious glee
Clamour, doom, demented cries,
Disorder he has tamed
Confusion made his masterpiece
Terra Tenebrosa it was named
Many listeners came from far and wide
To hear the Cuckoo sing
Desperately seeking to grasp its grip
But thus declared the king:

”You, a new-fangled fowler,
Wish my art to feed your misery;
Now feel free to devour it all,
But you shall never catch me”