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Shirt + CD

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Shipping date: 05/07/2024


Printed on high quality 100% organic black shirts. Classic fit. Check images for size chart.

Colors on final shirt may vary to a degree from the mockup. All XS and 3XL size orders are final : returns or cancellations are not accepted unless there is a defect or error from our side.

Digipack CD

Comes in a 6-panel digipack with an 12-page booklet. First batch comes in black polycarbonate CD.

Following 2020's widely-worshipped "Melinoë", AKHLYS, the globe's premier channelers of abyssal nightmare, return triumphant with six elaborate and exhilarating new tracks of pure Black Metal terror.

Drawing from esoteric and mythical traditions, where the land of dreams is placed within the darkness of the underworld, arises the "House of the Black Geminus". Through labyrinthine halls, shadowed corridors, cellars of dread, and attics of epiphany, as ordeal and ecstasy meet at the vertices where each beholds his own daemon.