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  • AKHLYS – Interview with drummer Eoghan

    11-25-2020 | Category: Akhlys

    Undoubtedly, the music of AKHLYS is shaped by Naas Alcameth’s signature riffs and his ghastly and venomous vocals which spread nightmare and terror into the heart of the listener. Nevertheless,...

  • White Ward - The die is cast

    11-19-2020 | Category: White Ward

    As if 2020 wasn't already shitty enough, Yurii (WHITE WARD) has broken his arm. And when I say broke, I'm not exaggerating!

  • THROANE – Interview with the producer

    11-17-2020 | Category: Throane

    Often working in the background, sometimes even hidden from fans and the press, are sound engineers who have shaped countless metal records and contributed to their success (and sometimes also...

  • AKHLYS - Full album stream

    11-11-2020 | Category: Akhlys

    The mundane world could not wait any longer for the nightmarish revelation brought about by "Melinoë", the third AKHLYS album. Alas, who are we to stand in the way of this furious demonic force...

  • THROANE - "Une balle dans le pied" out now!

    10-16-2020 | Category: Throane

    ""Une balle dans le pied" is like having a quick fix of cosmic violence." (Ave Noctum)

  • AKHLYS unveil "Ephialtes"

    10-15-2020 | Category: Akhlys

    "AKHLYS have mastered the art of creating epic and broad facing compositions that beat you over the head with crushing volume and devastating atmospheres."


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