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  • Jassa
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    12" LP Fog and stillness; the True God resides in The Abyss, where there is no past and no future. Brown/blue splatter record.Released by Fallen Empire Records.
  • Wallachia
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    12" LP Monumental Heresy is a wonderful culmination of years of heartfelt dedication to the craft by mastermind Lars Stavdal - a continuation of the rich hybrid experimentation of last full-length Shunya (2012) and a simultaneous backward glance towards the harshly beautiful atmosphere of the band’s earlier works. The rawness and energy within the music...
  • Eryn Non Dae.
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    Gatefold 2x12" LP Let's not beat about the bush: "Abandon Of The Self" is a beast of a release! Since forming in 2001, gifted French band ERYN NON DAE. have created a uniquely claustrophobic universe and this stellar fourth opus is a monumental wave of melancholy and despair - a fascinating combination of post-apocalyptic fury and vast ambient...
  • Utzalu
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    12" LP Vengeance vision in streamsLeft in timeAnd I cut into my wallsThe lost connectionTo the cursed wombIn the cleansing of their moralsAnd enemies of their nobilityThe debut full length and fourth proclamation of scornful revenge by Utzalu: The Loins of Repentance. Formed in the corridors of wretch, this album employs the visions of Emile Zola in...
  • Voidsphere
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    12" LP Voidsphere is worship of the void. It is that, and only that. Voidsphere Pràva.Grey/Black swirl record.Released by Fallen Empire Records.
  • Ilmestys
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    12" LP Compilation of both Ilmestys demos released on vinyl. Scorching black punk from Toronto.Black record.Released by Fallen Empire Records.
  • Blattaria
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    12" LP Frenzied and disorienting black metal, frantically striving for nihility.Red/Black Swirl record.Released by Fallen Empire Records.
  • Axis Of Light
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    7" EP Harsh and unrelenting black metal from Manchester.Black record.Released by Fallen Empire Records.
  • Aureole
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    Gatefold 12" LP Aurora Borealis is an 8 track full length album addressing the cognitive realities of Earthern nature realized by M.S. in Reykjavík, Iceland. Written in December during the recordings of the 'Tchornobog' album.The album as a whole visualizes the Aurora Borealis as a gateway from Earth to space by use of solar winds. Through this, the...
  • Vassafor
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    Gatefold 12" LP All copies on black vinyl. Includes an A2 full-color poster with a gatefold jacket. Vassafor was vomited forth from the Southern Abyss in the mid 90s, excreting musical venom within a framework of dark, epic Black Metal.Elegy of the Archeonaut is a selected look at the history of Vassafor, combining tracks from previous releases alongside...
  • Blut Aus Nord
    13,33 € In Stock
    Gatefold 12" LP Deus Salutis Meæ (“God of my Salvation”) is the truly mesmeric new emission from BLUT AUS NORD, the great Black Metal innovator renowned for disdain toward convention and a murderous relationship with boundaries. Using frightening alchemy and predatory cruelty, BLUT AUS NORD fuses each distinct era of its 23 year existence with...
  • Vassafor / Temple Nightside
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    12" LP Aptly titled, "Call Of The Maelstrom" unites both bands not simply by geography - VASSAFOR hail from New Zealand, while TEMPLE NIGHTSIDE hail from Australia - but rather, a shared sensibility and strive to explore the abyss, whatever plane it may manifest itself. Widely revered in the underground for their serpentine sonic sorcery, VASSAFOR here...