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  • Behexen
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    12" LP "Rituale Satanum" is almost universally acclaimed as BEHEXEN’s masterpiece, a record that belongs in every respected record collection truly dedicated to the original Black Art. A dark and possessed work of Satanic Black Metal in its darkest and purest form, "Rituale Satanum" is a quintessential explosion of unadulterated blasphemy, spewing forth...
  • Varsovie
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    Gatefold 12" LP ‘Coups et Blessures’ - the 3rd VARSOVIE album – is a confident display of sharp, sylvan song-craft. Walking a tight, melancholic line between dark rock and post-punk, these 9 new songs – with lyrics entirely in French – feature an incessant cutting edge and a newly heightened febrile atmosphere. Released by Sundust Records. Coups Et...
  • Hegemone
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    12" LP Formed in 2010, on second album ‘We Disappear’ Polish quartet HEGEMONE use an intensely personal interpretation of blackened post-metal to depict the never-ending process of change in all its terrifying beauty. To a weighty base of thematic widescreen riffs and ardent vocals, the band fuses modernist black metal with hardcore fury, chiming...
  • White Ward
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    12" LP Furious and intimate, exciting and intriguing, "Futility Report" stems from a thoroughly modern vision, an innovative interpretation of Extreme Music which breaks down established codes whilst simultaneously deep -rooted in the obscurehistory of Black Metal. "Futility Report" - or the metallic version of ULVER’s legendary "Perdition City" - is a...
  • Au Champ Des Morts
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    Gatefold 2x12" LP The striking first full-length from AU CHAMP DES MORTS is a richly emotive, multi-headed manifestation of finest contemporary Black Metal song-craft.   Texturally and musically diverse, this sterling album melds the prime orchestration of predecessors ANOREXIA NERVOSA with an abundant core of atmospheric influences including black-gaze,...
  • Terra Tenebrosa
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    Gatefold 2x12" LP Born from the ashes of cult Swedish Post-Hardcore band BREACH, since 2009 the enigmatic entity that is TERRA TENEBROSA have created masterfully imposing concoctions of sulphurous, tormented Black Metal and demonic Hardcore and their Dante-esque new offering is no exception! "The Reverses" is mind-crushing: artistically uncompromising,...
  • Syberia
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    Gatefold 12" LP The mesmerising second album from Barcelona's SYBERIA represents a new dawn following a period of heightened turmoil.  Both head and body music, "Resiliency" documents a mental and spiritual transformation where darkness and light are both essential to the transmission of ideas. Interspersing influences from across the full spectrum of...
  • Draugnim
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    12" LP After a cruel absence of 6 long years, DRAUGNIM are finally back with a bombastic new album to exceed all our expectations!During the seemingly endless silence, the band lost none of their incomparable ability to compose huge songs possessed of an incredible emphatic feeling, filled with poignant harmonies and evocatively powerful riffs.There is...
  • Ævangelist
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    12" LP “Dream An Evil Dream” was conceived from pure forms of stream of consciousness transmitted through music. Creating music is a process of divination, by which we may open portals to non-linear universes and commune with extra-dimensional entities. “Dream An Evil Dream” was just much created by AEVANGELIST, as it was created through AEVANGELIST....