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  • Cultus Profano
    19,99 € In Stock
    12" LP Comes with a 4-page insert and download card. Pressed on half blood red / half black heavy vinyl w/ black splatters. Limited to 248 copies. Colors on final record may vary to a degree from the mock ups. Accursed Possession, the second album from unholy duo CULTUS PROFANO, is perfectly cold and evil old-school Black Metal. Accursed Possession by...
  • Aara
    8,99 € In Stock
    7" "Anthropozän" is divided into a number of movements that combine sublimated introspection, awestruck reverberant melodicism and widescreen neo-classical grandeur. Concerned with the Anthropocene epoch - dating from the start of significant human impact on Earth's geology and ecosystem – the track ruminates on the self-destruction of humankind through...
  • Aversio Humanitatis
    19,99 € In Stock
    12" LP After redefining themselves with their 2017 EP “Longing For The Untold”, Madrid’s AVERSIO HUMANITATIS returns with a long-awaited full-length record. “Behold The Silent Dwellers” is an abyss of swirling ebon dissonance using flourishes of despondent psychedelia and unrelenting brutality to accent a menacing, Black Metal core. Comes with an...
  • Inferno
    20,99 € In Stock
    Slipcase Gatefold 12" LP Comes with a slipcase, a 12-page 12"x12" booklet and a download card. Pressed on black heavy vinyl. "PARADEIGMA (Phosphenes of Aphotic Eternity)" is the definitive work from idiosyncratic Czech avant-Black Metal band INFERNO. Dense, hypnotic soundworlds - a mesmeric new language formed from the isolationist syntax of Black...
  • Aara
    18,99 € In Stock
    12" LP Comes with a 2-page insert and download card. Pressed on black heavy vinyl. Possessed by unstoppable momentum, the beautifully prolific Swiss atmospheric Black Metal band AARA present "Triade I: Eos", the first part of a forthcoming epic Black Metal trilogy inspired by the 1820 Gothic novel "Melmoth the Wanderer" by Charles Robert Maturin....
  • The Amenta
    19,99 € In Stock
    Gatefold 2x12" LP "Revelator" the fourth full-length from Australia’s THE AMENTA is the culmination of nearly 20 years’ collective experimentation in nonconformist, dissonant, dynamic and electronically-lacerated Death Metal. THE AMENTA have used their 7-year hiatus to methodically deconstruct and reimagine their already distinctive core sound:...
  • Mgła
    19,99 € In Stock
    12" LP 2006 + 2007 7" EP's from MGŁA gathered on this LP. Bleak, gritty Black Metal. Released by Northern Heritage / No Solace Mdłości by MgłaFurther down the nest by Mgła
  • Drastus
    23,99 € In Stock
    Gatefold 2x12" LP “La Croix De Sang”, a spectacular record in its own right released early 2019, took many by surprise. "Venoms" gathers the fifteen year old roots of DRASTUS. It is the sum of the grand dissolution of being through satanic venom that made the aforementioned record possible. "Venoms" features the following material: "From the Womb of...
  • Archgoat
    19,99 € In Stock
    Gatefold 2x12" LP Captured with terrifying clarity, the magickal energy and raw power of ARCHGOAT finds its purest expression in the live arena, in-the-moment where all witnesses are bludgeoned into the guts of earthen evil. Featuring an extended set including tracks from 1991 demo ‘Jesus Spawn’ via the classic 2006 full-length ‘Whore of Bethlehem’ all...
  • Lychgate
    12,99 € In Stock
    10" Vinyl LYCHGATE meld the swarming, stained-glass complexity of 20th Century classical, the phantasmagoric, intertwining riffage of progressive Death Metal, the heft and texture of Funeral Doom and the conceptual density of forward-thinking Black Metal into four of the most addictive, propulsive and potent compositions they have created to date. Comes...
    19,99 € In Stock
    12" LP From the vortex of timeless chaos, this is a journey that will lead you to sink into the depths of darkness and depth through a séance of avant-garde black metal madness. Devil music for the end times! Comes with a handmade hemp paper 4 page booklet. Released by Noevdia. NEDXXX by NEDXXX
  • Mgła
    19,99 € In Stock
    12" LP 1st MGŁA album. Bleak, gritty Black Metal. Released by Northern Heritage / No Solace Groza by Mgła