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  • Hegemone
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    Digipack CD Formed in 2010, on second album ‘We Disappear’ Polish quartet HEGEMONE use an intensely personal interpretation of blackened post-metal to depict the never-ending process of change in all its terrifying beauty. To a weighty base of thematic widescreen riffs and ardent vocals, the band fuses modernist black metal with hardcore fury, chiming...
  • Slidhr
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    Digipack MCD Fiery Black Metal from Ireland. Intricate, yet without straying away from the by now well known Slidhr sound; fresh and unique, something thats quite an accomplishment in todays infected Black Metal “scene”. Released by Terratur Possessions.
  • Dark Sonority
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    Digipack MCD After the passing of Steimgrim Torson Brissach, KAOSRITUAL was laid to rest. Up from the ashes arose DARK SONORITY, and their first offerings here presented are the tracks made under the KAOSRITUAL banner, only performed a few times live but never before recorded. A bonus track was added, namely a cover of BATHORYs – Call From The Grave....
  • Varsovie
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    Digipack CD ‘Coups et Blessures’ - the 3rd VARSOVIE album – is a confident display of sharp, sylvan song-craft. Walking a tight, melancholic line between dark rock and post-punk, these 9 new songs – with lyrics entirely in French – feature an incessant cutting edge and a newly heightened febrile atmosphere. Coups Et Blessures by VARSOVIE
  • Wolves In The Throne Room
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    Digipack CD Written almost exclusively in a windowl ess, black room over the long dark nights of winter 2005, Diadem of 12 Stars was the first official Wolves In The Throne Room release. Re-imagining Black Metal as an ode to rain storms, wood smoke and the wild energies of the Pacific Northwest, Wolves In The Throne Room created a unique melancholic...
  • Bestia Arcana
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    Digipack CD We are delighted to give deserved re-exposure to one of the finest records lurking in the underground: the debut album of BESTIA ARCANA, a deep eschatological epic created by Naas Alcameth (NIGHTBRINGER/AKHLYS) alongside current and ex-members of NIGHTBRINGER.Recorded 2008 and originally released in 2011 by Daemon Worship Productions, To...
  • Wallachia
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    Gatefold CD Monumental Heresy is a wonderful culmination of years of heartfelt dedication to the craft by mastermind Lars Stavdal - a continuation of the rich hybrid experimentation of last full-length Shunya (2012) and a simultaneous backward glance towards the harshly beautiful atmosphere of the band’s earlier works. The rawness and energy within the...
  • Cultus Profano
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    Digipack CD Far from fleeting fashion and light years from short-lived trends, CULTUS PROFANO proudly keep the flame of Pure Black Metal burning. With their first full length album, the American duo present themselves as worthy heirs to the Great Old Ones, the legendary bands and cult releases born and dead during the ‘90s. This imperial first offering...
  • Eryn Non Dae.
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    Gatefold CD Let's not beat about the bush: "Abandon Of The Self" is a beast of a release! Since forming in 2001, gifted French band ERYN NON DAE. have created a uniquely claustrophobic universe and this stellar fourth opus is a monumental wave of melancholy and despair - a fascinating combination of post-apocalyptic fury and vast ambient passages.The...
  • Thantifaxath
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    CD Enigmatic Canadian trio THANTIFAXATH return with their first release since 2014's highly acclaimed debut full-length Sacred White Noise.Void Masquerading as Matter is a four-track, 35-minute EP which showcases the band's brand of dissonant and bleak black metal.Released by Dark Descent Records.
  • Thantifaxath
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    CD The highly anticipated full-length debut from Canadian black metal trio, Thantifaxath. Thantifaxath expands their twisted landscape on "Sacred White Noise," the follow-up to their acclaimed 2011 self-titled EP. Released by Dark Descent Records.
  • Blut Aus Nord
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    Digipack CD Deus Salutis Meæ (“God of my Salvation”) is the truly mesmeric new emission from BLUT AUS NORD, the great Black Metal innovator renowned for disdain toward convention and a murderous relationship with boundaries. Using frightening alchemy and predatory cruelty, BLUT AUS NORD fuses each distinct era of its 23 year existence with innovative...