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  • Crimson Moon
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    Die-cut Digipack CD The legendary CRIMSON MOON return with fourth full-length "Mors Vincit Omnia", eight epic tracks of propulsive occult Black Metal grandeur. Guest vocalists on the album include Proscriptor (ABSU), Lord Angelslayer (ARCHGOAT), Ixithra (DEMONCY) and Phaesphoros (KAWIR) who in addition to mixing the record also performs wooden recorder....
  • Deathspell Omega
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    Digipack CD "The Synarchy of Molten Bones. Famished for Breath. Onward where Most with Ravin I may meet. Internecine Iatrogenesis" Released by Noevdia. The Synarchy of Molten Bones by Deathspell Omega
  • Varsovie
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    Digipack CD "L'Heure et la Trajectoire is one of those albums that is already excellent the first time you play it and then it grows more and more so with each listen, becoming what I can only describe as an epic collection of songs." Digipack reissue of the second VARSOVIE album, "L'Heure et la Trajectoire".10 tracks from the best French Dark rock /...
  • Varsovie
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    Digipack CD "Constant punkish tension rides atop cool gothic rock rhythms. French lyrics are delivered with an impressively emotional style that sounds something like Muse." Digipack reissue of the debut VARSOVIE album, "État Civil".11 tracks from the best French Dark rock / post-punk band. Mandatory. État Civil by VARSOVIE
  • Vargrav
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    Digipack CD Just as timeless as "Netherstorm", if not more so, VARGRAV once again evokes the visionary works of old Obtained Enslavement, Dimmu Borgir, Abigor, Limbonic Art, and especially early Emperor. And once again, another classic of symphonic Black Metal graces the purple-velvet landscape of our imagination, and it bears the justifiably arrogant...
  • TheNightTimeProject
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    Digipack CD THENIGHTTIMEPROJECT were formed 2010 in Sweden by guitarist Fredrik Norrmann (ex-KATATONIA) as an outlet for bold, melancholic songwriting imbued with feeling. Second album "Pale Season" melds a haunted mix of alt, progressive and post-Rock, neo-gothic Metal, Doom and subtle psychedelia into an assured set of hook-strewn songs that find...
  • Sühnopfer
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    Digipack CD A tour de force of melodic Black Metal, “Hic Regnant Borbonii Manes” is a whirlwind of Capetian majesty, a union of profane rage and raw melodic beauty akin to legendary acts such as DISSECTION and SACRAMENTUM. First batch comes with black polycarbonate CDs.
  • Latitudes
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    Digipack CD On fourth album Part Island LATITUDES weave emotive metallic power and dream-state vulnerability - summoning a new level of melodicism through cast-iron, heartfelt songcraft. Helmed by a performance of sheer naked honesty from vocalist Adam Symonds, the record incorporates acoustic guitar, piano and analogue synth within flowing volleys of...
  • Aoratos
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    Digipack CD The newest crepuscular offering from Naas Alcameth (AKHLYS, NIGHTBRINGER), “Gods Without Name” is the first descent into the twisted depths of a fresh creative entity, AORATOS, a “reflection of the eidola and egregore arisen from the liminal thresholds”. Cold atmospheres and malevolent whispers of ecstatic dread bookend these horrific...
  • Yerûšelem
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    Digipack CD YERÛŠELEM is the newest entity created by Vindsval and W.D.Feld (BLUT AUS NORD).The project’s name speaks of an incalculable vastness of contemplation within: YERÛŠELEM’s sound is a congruent melding of powerfully bass-heavy Godfleshian clank and grind, the sacred ur-texts of Coil and Autechre, stark neo-gothic guitar leads with intimations...
  • Kaleikr
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    Digipack CD KALEIKR use the riff-complexity and clarity of progressive Death Metal, sparing bursts of emotive Black Metal dissonance, forlorn Hellenic leads and section transitions worthy of prime OPETH or ENSLAVED - all coated in a translucent layer of preternatural psychedelia - to augment lyrical themes of self-contradiction, despondency and...
  • V/A
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    Digipack 2xCD Debemur Morti Productions mark 15 years of fervent devotion to the dark arts with Servants Of Chaos II, a beautifully-curated compilation featuring 15 exclusive tracks from 14 bands that have contributed to the label’s history. Rooted - as the label has primarily been since inception - in multiple forms and offshoots of Black Metal, this...