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Dark Side of the Sacred Star


Reference: CDVILED1043


A very special collection of exclusive new tracks from some of the great Black Metal artists of the current Peaceville roster. Includes extra disc containing an expansive look at some of the best of 1990s Black Metal.

Peaceville presents a very special collection of tracks from the more black metal-oriented acts on the label, featuring a variety of new and recent bands such as RUïM (featuring former Mayhem guitarist Blasphemer), Hellripper, Mork, Doedsmaghird (the new project of DHG's Vicotnik and evil twin to his main band) & Avmakt, among firmly established legendary acts and influential names such as Darkthrone, Mortem, Sigh, Mortuary Drape & Dødheimsgard, with plenty of great showcases for what is to come in 2023, and also including a majority of exclusives, and special surprise inclusions from the enigmatic Norwegian band Kvist, and the pioneering riffs of Snorre Ruch of Thorns.
Alongside the stellar list of acts covering much of the current black metal Peaceville roster, CD2 is an amazing deep dive into the abyss of history, focussing on what the 1990’s had to offer, covering Peaceville’s current catalogue.

Released by Peaceville Records.

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