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    Gatefold 2x12" LP Unorthodox Death Metal from one of the most uniquely talented bands in extreme music. A soul-searching conflagration of atypical melodicism, immaculate virtuosic dexterity and sublimated psychological upheaval. A breathtaking new beginning. Comes with printed innersleeves and download card.Pressed on black heavy vinyl.
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    12" LP Like strokes of inspiration, exquisite guitar melodies weave a fluent plethora of moods and emotions, showcasing a heavy classical influence. Undulant blast beats and biting screams serve as a counterpoint to pristine atmospheres and ethereal choirs, an obstinate reminder of the finite nature of man and his creations. Here at the onset of a new...
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    Gatefold 2x12" LP(Coloured vinyl) Captured with terrifying clarity, the magickal energy and raw power of ARCHGOAT finds its purest expression in the live arena, in-the-moment where all witnesses are bludgeoned into the guts of earthen evil. Featuring an extended set including tracks from 1991 demo ‘Jesus Spawn’ via the classic 2006 full-length ‘Whore of...
  • Behexen
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    Gatefold 2x12" LP "The Poisonous Path" is a raging beast, a monstrous work straight from the hell-depths which distils a deeply mephitic climate into an addictive poison. The production is massive, the riffing intense, the atmosphere suffocating and the melodies vicious and bewitching – pure dark sonic alchemy.Having forged their own amazingly impure...
  • Lychgate
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    Special edition 10" Vinyl Limited to 50 copies. Only available from us.1 copy per order maximumContent :- Exclusive silkscreened hand-printed and numbered slipcase.- Pressed on black heavy vinyl- 2-page insert- Download card LYCHGATE here meld the swarming, stained-glass complexity of 20th Century classical, the phantasmagoric, intertwining riffage of...
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    12" LP "Rituale Satanum" is almost universally acclaimed as BEHEXEN’s masterpiece, a record that belongs in every respected record collection truly dedicated to the original Black Art. A dark and possessed work of Satanic Black Metal in its darkest and purest form, "Rituale Satanum" is a quintessential explosion of unadulterated blasphemy, spewing forth...
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    Gatefold 12" LP Ushering the dawn of a new age of darkness, BEHEXEN stirs from its solitary slumber with "Nightside Emanations", invoking chaos, heralding the decay of the (self-)righteous, celebrating the ominous, all-consuming onset of Death - embracing that eternal, perpetual, unflinching reality that awaits us all. These ten incantations to the...
  • Pure Wrath
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    Digipack MCD Indonesian atmospheric and symphonic Black Metal band PURE WRATH make their DMP debut in typically poignant style with new EP "The Forlorn Soldier", a consummate trailer for the upcoming third album. Darker, more immersive, expansive and organic than previous work, "The Forlorn Soldier" goes deeper still - through powerful melodic cascades,...

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    32mm button.
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    T-Shirt Printed on black "Gildan Heavy Cotton" (185g/m2) shirts. Classic fit. Size chart : Sizes Width (CM) Length (CM) Sleeve Center Back (CM) S 46 71 40 M 51 74 43 L 56 76 47 XL 61 79 51 XXL 66 81 55
  • Hegemone
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    T-Shirt Printed on black "Steadman Comfort-T" (185g/m2) shirts. Casual Fit.
  • Archgoat
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    T-Shirt Front design by Chris Moyen / ThornCross.Printed on 100% organic "Black Spider" (150g/m2) black shirts. Classic fit. Size chart : Sizes S M L XL XXL Height (cm) 70 72 74 76 78 Width (cm) 47 50 53 56 59
  • Archgoat
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    Girlie T-Shirt Front design by Chris Moyen / ThornCross.Printed on 100% organic "Black Spider" (150g/m2) black girlie shirts. Classic fit. Size chart : Sizes S M L XL Height (cm) 62 64 66 68 Width (cm) 43 46 49 52
  • Archgoat
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    Poster Attention : considering this will ship in a special mailing box, do not order CD's nor vinyls with this poster. Only posters and/or t-shirts. Nothing else will fit in the box. Artisanally screen-printed on Arches 250gsm black paper with deckled edges. 100% coton. 2 colors print. Limited to 50 hand-numbered copies.Size : 46x65cm / 18.11x25.59...
  • Au Champ Des Morts
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    Hooded Zip-Front Sweatshirt Design by Dehn Sora.Printed on black "Russel 265M" (280g/m2) sweatshirts. Size chart : MeasurementsSML To fit chest size 92/97cm 97/102cm 102/107cm MeasurementsXLXXL To fit chest size 107/112cm 112/117cm
  • Au Champ Des Morts
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    T-Shirt Design by Dehn Sora.Printed on 100% organic "Black Spider" (150g/m2) black shirts. Classic fit. Size chart : Sizes S M L XL XXL Height (cm) 70 72 74 76 78 Width (cm) 47 50 53 56 59



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