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  • Forgotten Tomb
    15,00 € In Stock
    Gatefold 12" LP 4th album. Black/Doom Metal. Released by Obscure Abhorrence Productions.
  • The Eye
    9,99 € In Stock
    Gatefold 12" LP After years of lying dormant in forgotten silence, the icy menace of THE EYE has risen anew. Originally released in 1997, 'Supremacy' contained eight unholy canticles of cold, hypnotic black metal in its purest form. Conceived and executed by Vindsval, THE EYE's sole full-length explored the cruel mythos of Odinism and delved into a...
  • Blut Aus Nord
    16,00 € In Stock
    Gatefold 12" LP The denouement. At the centre of an infinite structure in perpetual deconstruction, "777 - Cosmosophy" represents the instinctive manifestation of human and obsolete conception of Time. Where the light feeds the darkness, where every second is the Eternity and sounds the death knell - the monumental work of the eccentric soul gets lost in...
  • Encoffination
    5,00 € In Stock
    12" MLP The rotting stench of human decay prevails as deathly duo ENCOFFINATION returns with "Elegant Funerals For The Unknown Dead" - a brand new five-track EP that follows the trail of death travelled on 2011 full-length "O' Hell, Shine In Thy Whited Sepulchres". A suffocating, abysmal journey further downwards into the bottomless abyss, this guttural,...
  • Archgoat
    13,00 € In Stock
    12" MLP Finally available again on vinyl with revised front cover according to ARCHGOAT's instructions.Featuring six trademark God-slaying tracks torn directly from the Virgin's violated womb, this brand new mini album is gloriously crude, divinely tumultuous and deliciously deviant, as we have come to expect from the filthy, fearless Finn black...
  • Rosetta
    12,50 € In Stock
    Gatefold 2x12" LP Rosetta's fourth full-length album. Music for Astronauts ! Limited European vinyl edition comes with A side / B side black & white heavy records.