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    AKHLYS interview

    First of all, can you introduce AKHLYS to the audience. While you were already the creator of the well known projects NIGHTBRINGER and BESTIA ARCANA how can you explain the need to create  and develop AKHLYS today ? Akhlys, although sharing a few similarities stylistically, is fundamentally its own beast, aesthetically, musically and thematically speaking. The subject matter is specific to...

    AKHLYS unveil new album details


    AKHLYS , the new band of Naas Alcameth 's (you know, the genius behind NIGHTBRINGER ), is about to release its first album entitled " The Dreaming I ". Yes, we know, you are busy listening to the new ENSLAVED and LEVIATHAN albums (great ones!) and the only thing in sight that matters to you is the new ARCTURUS opus - which we are also totally thrilled about - BUT, trust us, take a...

    PORTA NIGRA - New album available for streaming

    Considered by many as one of the most promising, audacious, eccentric and non-conformist band of the current extreme Metal scene, the Teutonic geniuses of PORTA NIGRA are streaming their stunning new album " Kaiserschnitt " in its entirety. Considering that "Truly, no two songs on " Kaiserschnitt " really sound exactly alike – in tone, in mood, in structure – yet they’re all clearly a...

    ARCHGOAT hit the Finnish charts !


    " The Apocalyptic Triumphator ", the brand new album from the demonic horde ARCHGOAT , has hit the mainstream Finnish charts at position #6 and the indie Finnish charts at position #3 ! The album received a colossal amount of raving reviews so far and the band was able to spread their new hymns live on their recent European tour with INQUISITION . The back catalog will be shortly...

    OCTOBER FALLS - Two albums in the works


    OCTOBER FALLS is currently busy working on two individual albums. One of them will be a majestic return into acoustic realms. Indeed, ten years after " Marras " (2005), the band will offer a new acoustic full lenght album. Along with the acoustic material, part of the same musical themes are being used for harsher songs, giving those quite a different approach music-wise. The acoustic...