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    New Wave Of French Black Metal


    Debemur Morti Productions lift the veil on one of the most promising jewel of the New Wave of French Black Metal, THROANE . This new beast, created by the renowned Artist Dehn Sora (graphic designer for famous bands like BLUT AUS NORD and NEUROSIS as well as mastermind of the Dark Ambient project TREHA SEKTORI ) develops an hallucinated universe, harrowing and desperate,...

    SYBERIA - Full Album Stream


    Debemur Morti Productions is utterly proud to unveil the new, fantastic, SYBERIA album in its entirety. Indeed, " Resiliency " is listenable below : Resiliency by SYBERIA According to Soundscape , " Resiliency " is " an exciting and immersive instrumental listen that manages to hit all the right notes (...) Syberia is a band that is talented at what they do and Resiliency is an...

    TERRA TENEBROSA - New Album Details Revealed


    After two successful albums, " The Tunnels " (2011) and " The Purging " (2013), internationally acclaimed for their amazingly strange singularity, TERRA TENEBROSA , the absolute gods of organized chaos, are about to release their highly anticipated brand new offering entitled " The Reverses ". On this new opus, their finest work to date, the band have pushed the boundaries of their...

    BEHEXEN releases 'Chalice Of The Abyssal Water' music video


    Can you smell the mefitic perfume of death and desolation ? Could it be related to us revealing a new BEHEXEN song ?! Indeed, the Satanic Finnish horde reveal a first excerpt of their highly awaited brand new offering, " The Poisonous Path ". This new chant, entitled " Chalice Of The Abyssal Water ", is an uncompromising piece of Pure Unholy Black Metal, abrasive, venomous and...

    AU CHAMP DES MORTS unveil "Le Jour Se Lève"


    For many years now, the French Black Metal scene is a rich pool of pure talent. Created in 2014 by Stefan Bayle ( ANOREXIA NERVOSA ) and Migreich ( VULV ), the young and ambitious project AU CHAMP DES MORTS is definitively one of them, forging their own style at the crossroads of old-school Black Metal, early Hard Rock, Post Black Metal and Cold Wave. Debemur Morti Productions propose...

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