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  • VASSAFOR - New album details revealed

    08-16-2017 | Category: Vassafor

    Now is the hour that VASSAFOR delivers their brand of Black Metal of Death in its purest and most unapologetic form !

  • Order processing is slowed down

    07-17-2017 | Category:

    We're sorry to announce that processing your parcels is taking longer than usual due to the recent increase of orders we received within a very short time frame. We're working as fast as we can to...

  • SÜHNOPFER joins Debemur Morti Productions

    07-03-2017 | Category: Sühnopfer

    Today, Debemur Morti Productions are proud to announce their collaboration with SÜHNOPFER. We can't wait to unleash Ardraos's next slab of majestic Black Metal!

  • We're away until June 9th

    05-23-2017 | Category:

    We're off until June 9th. The webshop will remain online and you can still place orders but bear in mind nothing will be processed before we return on June 12th.

  • DØDSENGEL - Full album stream

    05-19-2017 | Category: Dødsengel

    The Norwegian Angel Of Death, DØDSENGEL, are streaming their spectacular and highly anticipated new album entitled "Interequinox" in its entirety.

  • WHITE WARD - Full album stream

    05-12-2017 | Category: White Ward

    Already considered as one of the most important, exciting and innovative release of the year, "Futility Report", the incredible new album of the young and awesome Ukrainian band WHITE WARD, is...