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  • MANES - Full album stream

    08-24-2018 | Category: Manes

    Today, the Norwegian Avantgarde Metal squad MANES release their brand new album, "Slow Motion Death Sequence" !

  • MANES - "Endetidstegn" Video Clip

    07-24-2018 | Category: Manes

    MANES unveil their first ever music video, and the first visual companion to their new record, “Slow Motion Death Sequence”. Directed by Guilherme Henriques, “Endetidstegn” presents a bleak window...

  • MANES - New album details unveiled

    06-27-2018 | Category: Manes

    “‘Slow Motion Death Sequence’ shouldn’t be seen as a glass-half-empty, but more like a pile of dry, broken glass on a hardwood floor.” – Manes (June 2018)

  • MANES - Be All End All

    08-26-2014 | Category: Manes

    Eagerly awaited by an army of fans fascinated by the mythical albums "Vilosophe" (2003) and "How The World Came To An End" (2007), the artwork and full tracklisting of MANES’ upcoming new album,...

  • MANES - Vntrve

    08-07-2014 | Category: Manes

    The return of the legendary MANES is without any doubt the most exciting musical news of this year. The new EP "Vntrve", containing two exceptional new compositions, confirms that the Norwegian...

  • Brutal Assault Festival announces MANES

    03-10-2014 | Category: Manes

    "Once again, after 8 years or so, we'll climb onstage and do our thing. Not once, but twice, at Brutal Assault 2014. We'll be doing a more stripped-down semi-accoustic thing on friday, and crank it...