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MANES - Vntrve

MANES - Vntrve

The return of the legendary MANES is without any doubt the most exciting musical news of this year. The new EP "Vntrve", containing two exceptional new compositions, confirms that the Norwegian band is far away from the followers. MANES, the dealer of deep emotions, evolves alone in his own sonic world.

Indeed, "Vntrve" marks another step forward along the incredible path of artistic exploration started 11 years ago with the mythical album "Vilosophe". For MANES, there's no limit, music is just a sacred journey in the territory of pure inspiration, this time finding its destination somewhere between electronic sounds, rock, trip-hop, ambient, and, as always, displaying fantastic and graceful songwriting.

For anyone searching for quality music and a unique sonic experience, MANES composes classy Stellar Avant-Garde Music...

"Vntrve" is available as :

Furthermore, on August 8th (at 15:00), at the onsite festival movie theatre, MANES will present their upcoming album "Be All End All" followed by a Q&A session with the band. The album is set to be released in October 2014 via Debemur Morti Productions.

MANES will play two different concerts at Brutal Assault 2014:

AUG 8TH 21:55 FRIDAY - Metalgate Club Stage
AUG 9TH 15:20 SATURDAY - Metalshop Mainstage

MANES will be available for press/media thursday, friday and saturday at Brutal Assault 2014. Contact the festival for inquiries at

The "Vntrve" 7" flexi will be available at the merchandising booth at Brutal Assault 2014.
For those who will not be able to attend Brutal Assault Festival, the flexi is available to purchase through us.

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