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    MONOLITHE interview

    Logo Monolithe

    1- Hello Sylvain, M IV has been released a year and a half ago. The album’s reception has been overwhelming. What is your hindsight thinking of this record and what can you assess from MONOLITHE’s first decade of existence? I’m satisfied with this album, which is almost exactly what I wanted to do at the time. I wished to develop a sort of « post » atmosphere, inspired by what is called...

    MANII - Skuggeheimen teaser

    MANII - Skuggeheimen

    As revealed  some days ago , the Norwegian legend  MANII  (the " new " incarnation of the old  MANES ) joined Debemur Morti Productions and announced the release of a 7" EP entitled " Skuggeheimen ". The 7" EP is scheduled for a late August / early September release but in the meanwhile we give you the opportunity to discover this stunning and deliciously old school material through this...

    MANII sign with Debemur Morti Productions


    Old school maniacs rejoice ! " Under ein blodraud maane " certainly rings a bell, right ? 1999, Norway. MANES ' debut album. And damn! What an album it was !!! MANII   is the new old MANES . The new incarnation of their original essence. Today, I'm most pleased to announce MANII joins Debemur Morti Productions ! To celebrate this partnership, we will unleash, in the coming weeks, a...

    AKHLYS - "The Dreaming I" streaming


    We are proud to give you the opportunity to discover THE Black Metal release of the year !!! Indeed, the monumental first AKHLYS album, the new creation of Naas Alcameth ( NIGHTBRINGER , BESTIA ARCANA ), titled " The Dreaming I ", is listenable in its entirety below : The Dreaming I by AKHLYS About this grandiose release, the music medias are unanimous : " This is a fantastic...

    AKHLYS interview

    First of all, can you introduce AKHLYS to the audience. While you were already the creator of the well known projects NIGHTBRINGER and BESTIA ARCANA how can you explain the need to create  and develop AKHLYS today ? Akhlys, although sharing a few similarities stylistically, is fundamentally its own beast, aesthetically, musically and thematically speaking. The subject matter is specific to...