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    OUTRE joins Debemur Morti Productions


    All those people telling me that Black Metal sucks nowadays: YOU ARE DAMN WRONG! Talent is everywhere. Those curious enough to dig through the endless piles of shit released every day can find themselves rewarded with BLACK jewels! And today, I'm proud to announce that one such glistening gem is joining Debemur Morti Productions: welcome to Polish horde OUTRE , masters in the craft of...

    MONOLITHE - Epsilon Aurigae video teaser


    After an incredible and unique cycle of 4 outstanding albums that have deeply marked the Doom Metal history, MONOLITHE is about to open a new fascinating chapter with their surprising and phenomenal new opus entitled " Epsilon Aurigae ". Pending further details about this forthcoming release, and to pique your interest, the band has revealed a video trailer viewable at the following...

    LATITUDES ink deal with Debemur Morti Productions


    We are utterly proud to welcome LATITUDES to Debemur Morti Productions ! Since their creation in 2006 this extremely talented, UK-based band has unleashed one EP and two amazing albums. If you're not familiar with them, we warmly recommend you check them NOW ! The British quintet is as delighted as we are : " LATITUDES are beyond pleased to be collaborating with Debemur Morti...

    DRAUGNIM joins Debemur Morti Productions


    Back in 1999, DRAUGNIM , a Finnish entity, decided to sacrifice its blood to the Earth. Four demos and two albums later, we are extremely honoured to join their journey ! Musically, DRAUGNIM can be described as Pagan Metal with majestic atmosphere and melodies. Drawing inspiration from the harsh nature and northern folklore, the Finnish trio deal with such themes as decay, corruption,...

    MANII - Skuggeheimen OUT NOW !

    MANII - Skuggeheimen

    While we wait for their next masterpiece, MANII , rightly known as the new incarnation of the old Norwegian legend MANES , return with a wonderful 7" EP. " Skuggeheimen " contains two old MANES songs completely re-arranged and re-recorded by Cernunnus and Sargatanas : " I Helvetes Haller " (renamed " Helvetes Haller ") which originally appeared on the second MANES demo and "...