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    MANII - Skuggeheimen OUT NOW !

    MANII - Skuggeheimen

    While we wait for their next masterpiece, MANII , rightly known as the new incarnation of the old Norwegian legend MANES , return with a wonderful 7" EP. " Skuggeheimen " contains two old MANES songs completely re-arranged and re-recorded by Cernunnus and Sargatanas : " I Helvetes Haller " (renamed " Helvetes Haller ") which originally appeared on the second MANES demo and "...

    WALLACHIA - Carpathia Symphonia


    To celebrate their very first live appearance, which happened at the Dark Bombastic Evening last week-end in Transylvania, WALLACHIA (Nor) have recorded a new EP entitled " Carpathia Symphonia ". Containing three songs, this short and precious release is composed of an exclusive new song, " Mother Tongue Of Heresy ", along with a totally re-arranged and re-recorded version of the old...

    LETHE - "Forever", free digital single


    " Forever " is not a exactly what we could call a first glimpse of the eagerly awaited second LETHE album. This astoundingly good song is just a little pleasure, generously offered by the magical duo formed by Anna Murphy ( ELUVEITIE ) and Tor-Helge Skei ( MANES , MANII ). A short moment of pure genius containing all the precious elements which have forged this unique and...

    MONOLITHE interview

    Logo Monolithe

    1- Hello Sylvain, M IV has been released a year and a half ago. The album’s reception has been overwhelming. What is your hindsight thinking of this record and what can you assess from MONOLITHE’s first decade of existence? I’m satisfied with this album, which is almost exactly what I wanted to do at the time. I wished to develop a sort of « post » atmosphere, inspired by what is called...

    MANII - Skuggeheimen teaser

    MANII - Skuggeheimen

    As revealed  some days ago , the Norwegian legend  MANII  (the " new " incarnation of the old  MANES ) joined Debemur Morti Productions and announced the release of a 7" EP entitled " Skuggeheimen ". The 7" EP is scheduled for a late August / early September release but in the meanwhile we give you the opportunity to discover this stunning and deliciously old school material through this...