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    IN THE WOODS... reissues


    Norway has always been the most fertile of lands for experimental and avant-garde Metal. During the last three decades fabulous visionaries have pushed beyond boundaries time and time again, propagating the ever-healthy Metal underground and its myriad sub-genres. We are thinking, most obviously, of ULVER , MANES , ARCTURUS , SOLEFALD , DODHEIMSGARD and the most prestigious and mythical...

    Pact in blood with DEATH FETISHIST


    Once again, we flirt dangerously with madness. Indeed, we recently decided to join forces with DEATH FETISHIST , an amazing new project of the tireless composer Matron Thorn (the tortured and creative mind behind the beast ÆVANGELIST ). There is little doubt that Matron Thorn is a twisted virtuoso of our times, his mind continuously bursting with sinister musical ideas. As...

    SYBERIA signs with Debemur Morti Productions


    We are thrilled to welcome SYBERIA , the young Post-Rock/Metal geniuses from Barcelona, Spain, among the Debemur Morti Productions roster. We hope that, like us, you'll be spellbound by their monstrous instrumental creations filled with energy, honesty, growth and freedom. From desolation to exuberance, from hope to anxiety, from brutality to gentleness, the band uses various shades...

    HEMELBESTORMER premiere "After Us The Flood"


    The portal to a new universe has been opened. New worlds are waiting to be discovered, and emotions of both hope and despair will be unchained... Indeed, the talented band HEMELBESTORMER are premiering a splendid video for the song " After Us, The Flood ", the first excerpt from their upcoming new opus " Aether " scheduled for release on February 19th. You can discover this video below...

    Omnis spiritus laudet Dominum!