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    TERRA TENEBROSA joins Debemur Morti Productions

    The Cuckoo

    Darkness. Many have tried to put labels on their Art, but few grasped its true Essence : Darkness -- Total Darkness. Formed back in 2009 in the pits of Sweden, TERRA TENEBROSA emerged to spread their incendiary compositions over mankind. From the disturbing " The Tunnels " (2011), to the oppressing, " V.I.T.R.I.O.L. - Purging The Tunnels " and up to the unsettling songcraft on " The...

    PORTA NIGRA - New album details revealed

    Porta Nigra

    Two years after the surprising and critically acclaimed " Fin De Siècle ", the two elegant gentlemen in PORTA NIGRA return with a fantastic second album titled " Kaiserschnitt " (" Caesarean "). This time PORTA NIGRA have exchanged their absinthe glasses and opium pipes for rapiers and gunpowder. Indeed, " Kaiserschnitt " is an opus about the first " Great War " of the world —...

    VASSAFOR aligns forces with Debemur Morti Productions

    VK Vassafor

    Once again, a pact in blood has been sealed. Indeed, I'm proud to announce the signing of the Occult and Maddening Blackened Death Metal entity VASSAFOR . New Zealand’s finest and filthiest extreme musical act VASSAFOR is the howling void that opens the gateway into the abyss, with a sound unlike anything you have ever heard !! The incarnation of the uncomfortable sound of the space...

    Archgoat - The Apocalyptic Triumphator

    The mighty demonic horde ARCHGOAT are now streaming their highly anticipated new album, " The Apocalyptic Triumphator ", with the following media partners :  (DE),  Inferno (FI),  VS (FR),  Eternal Terror (NO),  No Clean Singing (US),  Zero Tolerance (UK),  Metallus (IT) and Close-Up (SE). So far, critics are unanimous in praise for " The Apocalyptic Triumphator " :...

    HEMELBESTORMER joins Debemur Morti Productions

    I am proud to announce the signing of a newcomer to the elite ranks of musical creation, HEMELBESTORMER ! This incredible young band will give you the opportunity to experience a new approach to Instrumental Extreme Music, the finest inca rnation of Post Metal wisely mixed with Sludge, Doom and Black Metal. But sometimes words are not enough and the sound is necessary to understand...