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Blut Aus Nord

  • BLUT AUS NORD + P.H.O.B.O.S. - Triunity excerpts

    05-22-2014 | Category: Blut Aus Nord

    "Triunity" is the result of an unexpected reunion gathering two major entities of the extreme French musical scene, the Legendary Unorthodox Black Metal entity BLUT AUS NORD and P.H.O.B.O.S. the...

  • BLUT AUS NORD + P.H.O.B.O.S. - Triunity

    04-17-2014 | Category: Blut Aus Nord

    We're proud to present "Triunity", or the metaphysical alliance of Legendary Unorthodox Black Metal and Industrial Dark Drone !Indeed, "Triunity" is the result of an unexpected reunion...

  • The Work Which Transformed Black Metal

    05-10-2013 | Category: Blut Aus Nord

    We are about to release the vinyl edition of one of the most important Black Metal album of the last decade: "The Work Which Transforms God" from BLUT AUS NORD. Described as the sound of...

  • What Once Was...

    08-06-2012 | Category: Blut Aus Nord

    BLUT AUS NORD continues its parallel journey with the recent release of "What Once Was... Liber II". Never officially announced here, the record was released on July 5th. It comes in a "fake...

  • BLUT AUS NORD : Album details revealed

    07-04-2012 | Category: Blut Aus Nord

    The title, artwork and full tracklisting of BLUT AUS NORD's upcoming new album are finally revealed. Recorded, mixed & mastered at Earthsound Studio, "777 - Cosmosophy" is the last chapter of the...

  • Blut Aus Nord

    05-07-2012 | Category: Blut Aus Nord

    Not officially announced here until now but available since a few days is the iconic "Memoria Vetusta I: Fathers Of The Icy Age" vinyl edition. It comes on 180gr noble grey or gold record, sleeves...