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WHITE WARD - Full album stream

WHITE WARD - Full album stream

Already considered as one of the most important, exciting and innovative release of the year, "Futility Report", the incredible debut album of the young and awesome Ukrainian band WHITE WARD, is finally listenable in its entirety :

"Futility Report" is getting nothing but raving reviews :

"Beautiful song construction, varied song lengths and logical flow from one idea to the next, leave you feeling that Futility Report is White Ward‘s finest undertaking thus far. This heartbreaking and adventurous experiment could very well reappear come year end." (Angry Metal Guy)

"If you’re a fan of black metal (and avant-garde in general), you’ll find more than enough to enjoy on Futility Report in order to give it a chance. The album sets out to do something very particular and accomplishes that with professionalism and dedication which speaks to the fact that the band aren’t newcomers (...) enjoyable, moving, and effective avant-garde black metal." (Heavy Blog Is Heavy)
"Futility Report is definitely one of the most unique and intense releases of 2017. White Ward manages to perfectly combine a wide variety of influences and create a very cohesive style of their own." (Infernal Masquerade)

"This is an essential listen for anyone into challenging, individual music that’s not afraid to be the master of its own destiny. Futility Report is a standout album."(Wonderbox Metal)

We could go on and on...

"Futility Report" is packed with 6 unique and audacious compositions :

1- Deviant Shapes
2- Stillborn Knowledge
3- Homecoming
4- Rain as Cure
5- Black Silent Piers
6- Futility Report

Post Black Metal in all its splendour !

Thanks to the incredible talent of Olia Pishchanska, the album is filled with breathtaking Art !

"Futility Report" is available right now on Digipack CD, 12" LP, Special Edition 12" LP and Digital.

Posted on 05-12-2017 | Category: White Ward