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ARKONA - Full album stream

ARKONA - Full album stream

Two years after their previous full lenght realization, "Chaos.Ice.Fire", the Polish Black Metal pioneers ARKONA are back with a monstrous new album entitled "Lunaris".

This wonderful Black Metal masterpiece, released by French label Debemur Morti Productions, is listenable in its entirety with the following media partners :

Horns up (FR)
No Clean Singing (US)
Friedhof (ES)
Lords Of Metal (NL)
Ultraje (PT)
Antichrist Magazine (UA)
Musick Magazine (PL)
Legacy (DE)
Metallus (IT)

This triumphal return is unanimously acclaimed by fans and critics :

""Lunaris" follows classic black metal patterns throughout its course (...)there are atmospheric and symphonic moments which reinforce the mood and break the violence. It is always sinister.The result is a world of chaos, disorder and despair." (Ave Noctum)

"I find this kind of release easy to hugely enjoy, and because Arkona know their art so very, very well, Lunaris is definitely one of the strongest second-wave black metal albums I’ve heard in quite some time." (Wonderbox Metal)

"If you give yourself over to the entire album, it has the capacity to carry you far away from whatever you were thinking or feeling before you started. The dictionary tells me that the word “ensorcell” means “to bewitch, enchant, and fascinate,” and that’s another adjective that belongs in a summing up of the album — though that’s not intended to detract from the music’s sinister ferocity, which is also evident in full force"  (No Clean Singing)

9,5 out of 10 for Thrashocore
8 out of 10 for

"Lunaris" contains 6 majestic, cold and immersive Black Metal compositions :

1- Droga do ocalenia
2- Ziemia
3- Śmierć i odrodzenie
4- Nie dla mnie litość
5- Lśnienie
6- Lunaris

The morbid artwork was crafted by talented Artist Qras from MentalPorn Design Agency (BEHEMOTH, INCANTATION...)

The album is available right now (November 25th in North America) on Digipack CDGatefold 12" LP and Digital. A t-shirt is also available.

ARKONA will soon embark on a small French tour :

10/11 - Lorient, FR
11/11 - Bordeaux, FR
12/11 - Lille, FR
13/11 - Paris, FR

and play at home :

18/11 - Poznań, PL

Posted on 11-04-2016 | Category: Arkona