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THROANE - Full Album Stream

THROANE - Full Album Stream

"Derrière-Nous, La Lumière", the surprising THROANE debut album, a new musical entity created by the renowned Artist Dehn Sora (graphic designer for famous bands like BLUT AUS NORD, ULVER or NEUROSIS and mastermind of the dark entities TREHA SEKTORI, SEMBLER DEAH and OVTRENOIR) is available right now on Debemur Morti Productions and can be streamed in its entirety below :

About this stunning release, No Clean Singing wrote :

"The music is like a surgical implement, a scalpel operating on your mind. It has a transfixing effect as it seethes; you almost don’t notice the pain. You seem to wake up when the song ends, to come to your senses, yet still disoriented. There has been a disturbance in your reality (...) You can dissect the song’s movements as it is dissecting you — the cannon-shot drum beats; the boil of distorted guitar; the cacophony of voices, all insane; the thrum of a bass, which seems to be the only tenuous anchor to reality; the buzzing guitars that upset your inner ear; the high, whittering tones in a loop; the fume of narcotics fogging your brain; the sludgy hammer blows and unsettling guitar vibrations; the weight of catastrophe, like buildings coming down in a slow-motion collapse; the whirling bonfire of a mind eating itself."

The album, whose artwork has been realized by Dehn Sora himself, contains 7 amazing compostions at the crossroads between Industrial Black Metal, Post-Core and Dark Ambient :

1. Sortez Vos Lames, Que Nous Perdions Nos Poings
2. Aussi Féroces Que Nous Repentons
3. Derrière-Nous, La Lumière
4. Un Instant Dans Une Torche
5. Contre Terre
6. Nous Blâmons La Tempête De Nous Avoir Laissés En Plaies
7. A Cette Chute

The Digipack CD is available on the webshop of the label.
The digital edition is available on Bandcamp.

Posted on 05-27-2016 | Category: Throane