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BEHEXEN - Full Album Stream

BEHEXEN - Full Album Stream

We give you the opportunity to discover the much awaited new BEHEXEN offering.
Indeed "The Poisonous Path", their preeminent opus to date, is listenable in its entirety below :

Their fifth album is already critically acclaimed :

  • "The ferocity of Behexen’s attack is undeniable. The songs hit with the power of a raging storm, the music having been produced in a way that gives it a massive, pulverizing sound. The drums really do sound like thunder, while the bass resembles a rumbling avalanche. The riffs — which are never less than magnetic — are themselves deep and destructive. And Torog’s jagged, gravel-throated invocations of Lucifer burn with blood lust." (No Clean Singing)

  • "58 minutes of utter hatred, blasphemy and Satanic might." (Wonderbox Metal)

  • "One of the contender for the best black metal releases of this year" (VHorde)

  • "The Poisonous Path" brings back the remarkability and memorability of their earlier material !" (Toilet Ov Hell)

  • "'The Poisonous Path' hits hard, creating a dense wall of all-out blasting and razor sharp leads that feel like they’re going to tear you to pieces (...) One of the year’s best offerings." (Tometal)

  • "'The Poisonous Path' swallows the fantastic claims made of the light and crushes its unhealthy spirit through waves of dark matter." (Soundscape)

There are 10 sonic incantations on the album :

01. The Poisonous Path
02. The Wand Of Shadows
03. Cave Of The Dark Dreams
04. A Sword Of Promethean Fire
05. Umbra Luciferi
06. Tyrant Of Luminous Darkness
07. Chalice Of The Abyssal Water
08. Pentagram Of The Black Earth
09. Gallows Of Inversion
10. Rakkaudesta Saatanaan

The sinister artwork was crafted by Kristiina Lehto (BAPTISM, HORNA, SARGEIST).

"The Poisonous Path" is available right now in Digipack CD, Vinyl and Digital.

BEHEXEN, the infernal sovereign, has never been so impressive !

Posted on 05-27-2016 | Category: Behexen