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INFESTUS will start recording the successor to the critically-acclaimed album "E x | I s t" in February. Multi-instrumentalist composer Andras comments : "This new offering will consist of 7 songs, depicting severe introspection, telling of horrifying self-reflection, the dying dream of catharsis and the search for the root of all darkness in me. Again I will perform and record all instruments myself.".

As for the concept, he goes on : "The new songs are quite difficult to understand for me. They have some of the classic ""E x | I s t" elements but also lots of new things that I haven't done before. All is embedded in a conceptual idea which -concerning my point of view- somehow ties in where "E x | I s t" ended. I say somehow, because practically there cannot be a follow up to the concept of "E x | I s t". Since this album was a very important step for me, dealing with my darkest shadows and trying to put them behind me, I find myself now exposed to fragments of this utter darkness which has changed its shape and still lives on in me. "The protagonist" of "E x | I s t" may reside as an empty shell, burnt out and fucked up, but my inner strife - constantly flourishing on fertile ashes of the preceding cremations - continues. To distil all this down to its essence: catharsis is an illusion."

This new piece of Supreme Black Art will be released sometime in 2013 through Debemur Morti Productions.

In the meantime, Andras has gathered a live line-up to perform from March 2013 on. The ranks consist of :

Andras – Vocals
Ain – Guitars
A. – Guitars
Sorath – Bass
Blood Hammer – Drums

INFESTUS is looking for opportunities to spread their poisonous Black Metal so if you're interested in booking them, get in touch with us at dmp666@gmail.com.

In case you don't know them yet, you can listen to both INFESTUS full-length albums we released at this location.

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