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DRAUGNIM joins Debemur Morti Productions

DRAUGNIM joins Debemur Morti Productions

Back in 1999, DRAUGNIM, a Finnish entity, decided to sacrifice its blood to the Earth.

Four demos and two albums later, we are extremely honoured to join their journey !

Musically, DRAUGNIM can be described as Pagan Metal with majestic atmosphere and melodies. Drawing inspiration from the harsh nature and northern folklore, the Finnish trio deal with such themes as decay, corruption, despair and death.

About this promising collaboration, the band comments : "We are extremely pleased to have united forces with Debemur Morti Productions. A label with truly dedicated people behind it was exactly what were looking for. It's been five years since the last album, and while there was speculation about us quitting during this time, we never even considered such possibility. All this time we have been working on the third album and now the time to release it is very close."

Indeed, after releasing two major and magnificent albums, "Northwind's Ire" (2008) and "Horizons Low" (2010), the band is currently putting the final touch to their much awaited third opus on which they give us a few details : "Great effort has been given to develop the sound even further to express what is the essence of DRAUGNIM. The futile struggle against all curses of mortality as famine, pestilence and madness bring nations and gods to ruin. Songs range from raw shamanistic pagan rites to more atmospheric pieces of grief unsung. So leads on our crooked path.."

So while they are busy polishing the last details, we warmly recommend you to check their old hymns on their Soundcloud or Spotify.

Posted on 09-08-2015 | Category: Draugnim