WALLACHIA - Carpathia Symphonia

WALLACHIA - Carpathia Symphonia

To celebrate their very first live appearance, which happened at the Dark Bombastic Evening last week-end in Transylvania, WALLACHIA (Nor) have recorded a new EP entitled "Carpathia Symphonia".

Containing three songs, this short and precious release is composed of an exclusive new song, "Mother Tongue Of Heresy", along with a totally re-arranged and re-recorded version of the old ambient/acoustic composition, "Arges - Raul Doamnei", and the classic WALLACHIA hymn "Fullmoon Above Fagaras" (this time with English lyrics).

Like a sublime celebration of the golden age of Norwegian Black Metal, "Carpathia Symphonia" presents WALLACHIA in its purest form: symphonic, raw and pagan.

For the time being, "Carpathia Symphonia" is available through our Bandcamp as well as through the usual Digital purveyors. Purchases made on Bandcamp come with the following majestic bonuses :

- "Demo 1996" (remastered 2015)
- "From Behind The Light" (debut album remastered 2015)
- "Ceremony Of Ascension" (second album)

"Carpathia Symphonia" will be made available as a Digipack 2xCD and a Gatefold 2x12" LP.
The Digipack 2xCD edition will contain,
on CD 1 :
- The "Carpathia Symphonia" EP
- The "From Behind The Light" album (remastered 2015)

on CD 2 :
- The "Ceremony Of Ascension" album

The Gatefold 2x12" LP edition will contain,
- The "Carpathia Symphonia" EP
- The "From Behind The Light" album (remastered 2015)
- A download card to get the whole digital content from Bandcamp.

The front cover and the complete artwork for the physical editions were created by Dehn Sora in a truly old school way. Physical editions will come with lyrics, additional liner notes from Lars Stavdal and some old pictures/scans. A must have for all WALLACHIA fans !

Last but not least, the brand new WALLACHIA album, "Path Of Satya", which was initially planned to be released in 2015, is currently postponed to 2016.

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