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Dirge’s “Venus Claws”

Dirge’s “Venus Claws”

Taken from Decibel Magazine

Prepare yourselves, mortal ones, for a mighty slab of awesome to descend upon your unworthy skull.  First arising from the industrial haze of the mid-90s, France’s Dirge has shape-shifted through the past 16 years and (now) six albums to crush souls with music entirely in concert with their name.

In two weeks, Dirge will see the release of Hyperion, the latest viscous headtrip to shamble its way off the visionary Debemur Morti label.  The assertion that the band make “Neurotic Post-Core” is perfectly accurate, though in 2014 that’s maybe not the complimentary tag that the album deserves.  Spelunking through 8+ minute caverns is one thing, but the surprising gems found therein (thanks, extended metaphor!) include clean singing and melodic accents, making it a transcendent experience if approached with the right mindset.

Right now you can check out the new album’s third track, “Venus Claws”.  It’s a daringly colorful section of the album, with sweet female vocals lilting through the middle of the song.  Make “Venus Claws” your Friday psych-sludge anthem!
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