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  • HEGEMONE Interview

    08-03-2018 | Category: Hegemone

    May saw the release of “We Disappear,” the newest slab of blackened post-metal from Poland’s Hegemone. A dark and monolithic follow up to their independent debut “Luminosity”, “We Disappear”...

  • ARCHGOAT - New hymn unveiled

    07-30-2018 | Category: Archgoat

    ARCHGOAT unveil a second track from their upcoming new album, ‘The Luciferian Crown’ !

  • MANES - "Endetidstegn" Video Clip

    07-24-2018 | Category: Manes

    MANES unveil their first ever music video, and the first visual companion to their new record, “Slow Motion Death Sequence”. Directed by Guilherme Henriques, “Endetidstegn” presents a bleak window...

  • WALLACHIA interview

    07-13-2018 | Category: Wallachia

    Three months ago, Norway’s Wallachia released their epic new record, “Monumental Heresy.” Featuring their strongest and most consistent line-up to date, the record is surely their strongest and...

  • ARCHGOAT - New album details revealed

    06-29-2018 | Category: Archgoat

    ARCHGOAT is back with a brand new album !

  • MANES - New album details unveiled

    06-27-2018 | Category: Manes

    “‘Slow Motion Death Sequence’ shouldn’t be seen as a glass-half-empty, but more like a pile of dry, broken glass on a hardwood floor.” – Manes (June 2018)


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