AKHLYS - "The Dreaming I" streaming

AKHLYS - "The Dreaming I" streaming

We are proud to give you the opportunity to discover THE Black Metal release of the year !!!
Indeed, the monumental first AKHLYS album, the new creation of Naas Alcameth (NIGHTBRINGER, BESTIA ARCANA), titled "The Dreaming I", is listenable in its entirety below :

About this grandiose release, the music medias are unanimous :

"This is a fantastic piece of black metal and one which will help further guild the glorious pedestal which Alcameth should rightly be placed upon" (Ave Noctum)

"This is just sheer ferocity, with some of the best tremolo melodies I’ve heard this year, elevating things to cold, atmospheric heights" (Angry Metal Guy)

"This is a record that’s best suited for when you plan to leave the physical plane for whatever sleep or meditation brings you, when you’re most ready to confront the dark forces lurking in the rarely examined reaches of your mind." (Meat Mead Metal)

"Akhlys is yet another musical triumph for Alcameth" (The Metal Observer)

"This is stuff for the nihilistic misanthropes amongst us. This is the sort of music one doesn’t talk about. One had to undergo it. Let yourself be immersed. Let yourself be dragged along. Lights out, eyes closed and let yourself go." (Lords Of Metal)

Akhlys CD + LP

You can purchase the beautiful digipack CD and 12" LP editions here.
The digital version is available through our Bandcamp as well as through all other usual platforms.

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