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Internationally acclaimed a few months ago upon release, "Dweller On The Threshold", the magical second album of Norwegian visionaries DYSTOPIA NÅ!, will finally be available on vinyl in 2016.

We have undertaken the huge task of creating a physical package worthy of this splendidly unique album. Knowing the consistent aesthetic quality of our releases, fans can definitely expect a sumptuous vinyl!

"Dweller On The Threshold" is a concept album ticking in just about over an hour, a journey through many different moods and genres - ranging from dreamy and highly soaring prog-rock to frothing psychedelic black metal.

This fantastic album has been noted for it's unique ability to combine the lush with the heavy, the beautiful with the dissonant, and has received full scores in international press, including Scream Magazine,, or Progressive Music Planet, to name a few.

You can listen to "Dweller On The Threshold" below :