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  • blut aus nord aevangelist
    9,99 € In Stock
    Digipack CD BLUT AUS NORD - Spectral Subsonic Waves (The Sound Is An Organic Matter)The 4 pieces that comprise Spectral Subsonic Waves spring from the interstices between outsider Black Metal, Noise, Dark Ambient, Electronic psychedelia and 20th Century classical.ÆVANGELIST - Threshold Of The MiraculousIn a seamless transition from fevered mind into...
  • tenebrae in perpetuum
    9,99 € In Stock
    Digipack CD TENEBRAE IN PERPETUUM return from the grave with their fourth opus, “Anorexia Obscura”. Presenting forty minutes of frozen, mystical Black Metal spread across seven diabolical hymns. First batch comes with black polycarbonate CDs. Anorexia Obscura by TENEBRAE IN PERPETUUM