VÉHÉMENCE - "Par le sang versé" vinyl

VÉHÉMENCE - "Par le sang versé" vinyl

In February 2019, French Black Metal horde VÉHÉMENCE unleashed one of the highlights of the year, "Par le sang versé" : epic medieval hymns capturing the essence of the past through shredding melodic Black Metal accented by triumphant chants, flutes, and evocative moments of acoustic folk.

We're utterly pleased to co-release this majestic album in vinyl format with Antiq Records ! Journey into the Dark Ages with the landmark second record of the French masterminds VÉHÉMENCE.

The vinyl edition will in double black record with a screen print on the D side. The gatefold sleeve will feature different artwork than the CD and there will be an insert with all the lyrics as well as a download card. A must-have !

Note : Antiq Records will be releasing an ultra limited boxset with t-shirt. We won't be carrying this edition.

Posted on 09-07-2020 | Category: 534