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Aversio Humanitatis - New album out now !

Aversio Humanitatis - New album out now !

"It’s been a decade since nihilistic Spanish destroyers AVERSIO HUMANITATIS first formed, oozing from the nameless void and congealing into corporeal form with the following year’s Abandonment Ritual. Keeping up the steady but measured pace of releasing a split or EP every two years since, they’ve been the epitome of “quality over quantity”; culminating with one of the unsung gems of 2017 in Longing For The Untold. A truly fantastic EP, they’ve been quiet ever since… but now, nine years after that auspicious debut album, they’re finally back with another full-length assault upon our fraudulent realities: the stunning Behold The Silent Dwellers.

And what quality it is. With this offering the triumvirate of S, J and A have surpassed any and all of their previous works, taking their established sound and honing it to cataclysmic levels of mesmerizing devastation that hold fast across the duration – all the way from the opening blast offensive of ‘The Weaver Of Tendons’ to the pulsating madness of closer ‘The Scribe Of Dust’, the record draws you in like the monolithic inevitability of gravity and gives voice to the darkness that lurks inside; broiling, seething and watching everything with cold, dead eyes. Deeply introspective and dissonant yet raging with an elemental fury at the utter fucking hopelessness of it all, it’s both impossibly bleak and the perfect soundtrack for the turbulent times we find ourselves in as a species – I’m not sure if I’m being influenced by the current state of the world here, but there seems to be ever-so-slightly more of a focus on the external, too. Whereas the EP forced you to confront the horrors within yourself, Behold The Silent Dwellers really does provide sonic form to what one might feel for humanity, society, civilization… and the inexorable truth that it will all come crashing down sooner rather than later." (Black Metal Daily)

Behold The Silent Dwellers is officially out today and to celebrate the release of this masterpiece, we're gifted with a video for 'The Wanderer Of Abstract Paths' :

"Behold The Silent Dwellers" is available on CD, 12" LP, exclusive DMP edition 12" LP (sold out) and digital formats. You can get it from our EU shop, US shop and Bandcamp. Stream via your fave platform here.

Posted on 06-19-2020 | Category: Aversio Humanitatis