INFESTUS – Second song unveiled

INFESTUS – Second song unveiled

Andras, the maestro behind INFESTUS, unveils "Seed of Agony", a second track from the upcoming vicious new album, "Thrypsis".

While still distinctly Black Metal in outlook, with each album INFESTUS pass through another obscure void of estrangement towards a clearly identifiable realm of tangible pain. "Thrypsis" removes another layer of murk, exposing the metallic core with frightening clarity.

"Thrypsis" features 7 dramatic, dynamic and dangerous tracks :

01. Of Unhallowed Soil
02. Thron aus Trümmern
03. Seed of Agony
04. Nights
05. Psychonecrosis
06. Pulse of Annihilation
07. Separatist

The album will be out on October 5 worldwide and is available now for pre-order in special edition vinylvinyl and cd.
The digital download is up at Bandcamp.

Posted on 09-25-2018 | Category: Infestus 761