WALLACHIA unveil 'So We Walk Alone'

WALLACHIA unveil 'So We Walk Alone'

Norwegian Symphonic Pagan Black masters, WALLACHIA, unveil a third excerpt taken from their highly awaited forthcoming new album, "Monumental Heresy", scheduled for release of April 13th by Debemur Morti Productions.

With its "impeccably arranged, rhythmic exchanges of bracing Nordic blasts and luxuriant cello notes" (Dark Matter), this brand new song entitled "So We Walk Alone", is nothing but a glorious demonstration of atmospheric, varied and bombastic Black Metal Art !

This sumptuous new offering, "the band's strongest and most consistently powerful release" (Invisible Oranges), contains 8 epic compositions :

1. Heathen Shores
2. So We Walk Alone
3. The Prophets Of Our Time
4. Silenced No Longer
5. The Parallel Fate Of Dreams
6. Beasts Of The Earth
7. Returned Favor Of Abandonment
8. Untruthology Abolished

The sublime artwork was crafted by talented Artist Lucile Deadmunchst and the layout assembled by Céline Bouvier.

"Monumental Heresy" is available for preorder right now on 12" LPGatefold CD and Digital.

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