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HEGEMONE unveil a first song

HEGEMONE unveil a first song

Polish quartet HEGEMONE are premiering "Π", a deeply immersive and intense song taken from their upcoming second album, "We Disappear".

At the crossroads of different scenes, HEGEMONE create, with talent, a fresh and intensely personal interpretation of Blackened Post-Metal.

This incredibly cinematographic tune is also available via the following media partners : Inferno (FI), Echoes And Dust (UK)​, No Clean Singing (US), Kvlt (PL)​, Legacy​ ​(DE)​, ​Antichrist Magazine (UA), Lords Of Metal (NL), ​Friedhof (ES)​, Horns Up (FR)​, Metal Italia (IT)​, Rocking (GR)​ and Ultraje (PT​).

This mesmerizing sonic journey is divided in 6 chapters :

01. Mara
02. Fracture
03. Raising Barrows
04. Π
05. ХанТәңірі
06. Тәңірi

The fascinating artwork was conceived by famous French artist Dehn Sora (BLUT AUS NORD, ULVER...)

Digipack CD
We Disapear CD We Disapear Vinyl

"We Disappear", scheduled for release on May 11th by Debemur Morti Productions, is available for pre-order on Digipack CD, 12" LP and Digital.

Posted on 03-28-2018 | Category: Hegemone