CULTUS PROFANO - Debut album details unveiled

CULTUS PROFANO - Debut album details unveiled

The sepulchral Black Metal duo from L.A, CULTUS PROFANO, reveal the title, tracklist and artwork of their imperial first album titled "Sacramentum Obscurus", a masterful ode to the purest form of Black Metal !

This sinister and nocturnal wave of darkness contains 9 hymns of authentic Black Metal Art :

1. Conventus Esbat, Op. 8
2. Under the Infernal Reign, Op. 10
3. Ceremony of the Black Flame, Op. 4
4. Lord of Ages, Op. 2
5. Ignis Altare, Op. 5
6. An Offering to the Prolific Goat, Op. 7
7. Forging a Covenant, Op. 6
8. Awakening the Strzyga, Op. 1
9. Cultus Profano, Op. 9

The obscure artwork was realized by fascinating Artist Altar Of Sorrow.

"Sacramentum Obscurus" will be released by famous French label Debemur Morti Productions on February 23rd on Digipack CD, 12" LP and Digital.

CULTUS PROFANO proudly keep the flame of Pure Black Metal burning !

Posted on 12-21-2017 | Category: Cultus Profano 1234

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