VASSAFOR - New album out now !!

VASSAFOR - New album out now !!

This is the malediction you deserve !

We give you the perilous opportunity to discover the eagerly awaited new VASSAFOR album, the sonic occultists from NZ, soberly entitled "Malediction".

It's an understatement to say that the medias have nothing but praises for this monumental new offering :

  • "Malediction is a testament and a tribute to the horror that potentially awaits us all in the great beyond (...)That is all too real. And gloriously fucking terrifying" (No Clean Singing)
  • "It's a record that pummels you in the gut but which is unafraid to step back and let you get lost in how goddamn massive it is." (Two Guys Metal Review)
  • "There’s a claustrophobic intensity on Malediction that doesn’t want to let the listener be free. Malediction offers experiences that are potentially lethal, but also potentially empowering." (Wonderbox Metal)
  • "Malediction’ sounds fantastic on your first listen (...) By far this is one of 2017's best albums !" (The Lair Of Filth)

A serious contender to the throne this year ?
The only way to find out is to listen to this monstrous album right now through one of our partners : Friedhof (ES), Lords Of Metal (NL), Antichrist Magazine (UA), Ultraje (PT), Musick Magazine (PL), Rocking (GR) or Horns Up (FR).

"Malediction" contains 50 minutes of pure malevolence :

01. Devourer Of A Thousand Worlds
02. Emergence (Of An Unconquerable One)
03. Elegy Of The Accurser
04. Black Winds Victoryant
05. Illumination Of The Sinister

The magical artwork was crafted by David S. Herrerías (NIGHTBRINGER, AKHLYS).

"Malediction" is available now through Debemur Morti Productions on Digifile CD and digital. The vinyl edition will be released by Iron Bonehead Productions early November. A t-shirt is also available.

Posted on 10-13-2017 | Category: 799

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