Thank you all!

Thank you all!

According to Metal Archives, there were 1964 full-length Black Metal albums released between January 2016 and December 2016. Boy that's insane! Especially as 16 years ago, still according to MA, the yearly number of releases was 183.

Since the early days I have always privileged quality over quantity. You'll tell me quality is a subjective thing, yes, right.

If we’re talking Black Metal, Debemur Morti Productions released 7 new full-length albums in 2016. So we contributed 0.36 % of the total. An amazing 0.36% though: DRAUGNIM, BEHEXEN, TERRA TENEBROSA, THROANE, BLUT AUS NORD / ÆVANGELIST, ARKONA and DEATH FETISHIST. I hope you own all those otherwise your collection is missing a few gems!

We also unleashed a few not-so-black-metal releases: LATITUDES, HEMELBESTORMER, SYBERIA, MONOLITHE and IN THE WOODS... each of them dark treasures crafted by talented artists worth paying attention to!

2016 was also the year we released the AU CHAMPS DES MORTS... 7" EP which was just a small taste of greater things to come (in a few weeks!), the TERRA TENEBROSA reissues and the DYSTOPIA NÅ! vinyl.

To me it was a great year which made us even more proud of doing what we do with passion and devotion.

None of this would have been possible without the talented Artists we work with (thank you all!) nor without YOU! Yes, all of you who support us one way or another by picking up releases through our webshop, through our distributors and digital platforms or just by mentioning us to your friends.

Just so you know, Debemur Morti Productions is Cédric (doing promotion for our bands since 2009!), Gersende (packing your orders and doing all accounting since 2013) and myself, doing everything else since the very beginning. It is thanks to you all that we are able to pay our bands, pay Cedric and Gersende's wages and continue to do what we love so much: unleashing divergent music for demented minds!

We hope 2017 will be another great year and we want all to experience and travel with our Artists. I said it already but I'll say it again: take your time, give each opus the considered listening it deserves. Our bands spend countless hours crafting their magickal spells and none of them deserve to be skimmed through!

Thank you for your support!

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