TERRA TENEBROSA - Where Shadows Have Teeth

TERRA TENEBROSA - Where Shadows Have Teeth

Oh oh oh !
The Cuckoo and Debemur Morti Productions wish you a merry christmas and offer you, on this special occasion, a sweet and delicious new video : "Where Shadows Have Teeth".

Taken from the highly critically acclaimed latest TERRA TENEBROSA offering, "The Reverses", released a few months ago, the video - which was produced and directed by Johnny Hell (Teratogenesis) and co-produced by Simon Tingell (Trickfabriken) - is a nightmare tale populated by the appearance of faces and bodies from the shadows of some claustrophobic dwelling, creatures that bear only a fleeting resemblance to humans (including The Cuckoo himself, who has already proven he's not quite human). Other imagery suggests a fairy tale that has been perverted, its innocence destroyed or twisted into increasingly grotesque forms. [No Clean Singing]

"The Reverses" is still available on Digipack CD and Gatefold 2x12" LP.
Two magnificent special Gatefold 2x12" LP editions are also available here & here.
The Digital version is available on Bandcamp as well as through all usual platforms.
Stunning merchandising is obtainable here.

"The Reverses" is a gloriously obscure compendium of chaotic styles, dark soundscapes and frantic elements, "for those seeking a nightmare in which to get lost, this record could soothe what ails and help you connect with your own weirdness" (Meat Mead Metal)

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