MONOLITHE - Full album stream

MONOLITHE - Full album stream

The new colossal MONOLITHE album, "Zeta Reticuli", is available now and can be streamed in its entirety below :

"If there is one thing Monolithe has to show for itself, it is consistency over the last 15 years or so, and this new release just continues to show why they are among the best in the genre." (The Metal Observer)

"Zeta Reticuli is more than music. This is art." (The Midlands Rock)

"The music is accompanied by cosmic vistas, shaded in blue and black — because the music itself is immense, vast, and shining with the glow of celestial bodies in the void." (No Clean Singing)

"Zeta Reticuli" is available now on Digifile CD.

A luxurious Trifold 3x12" LP gathering both "Epsilon Aurigae" and "Zeta Reticuli" is also available now. A special edition limited to 60 hand numbered copies with an additional screen-printed slipcase will be out at the end of August. Pre-orders available here!

The digital edition is available on Bandcamp as well as through all the good digital platforms. 

MONOLITHE will perform a couple of exclusive shows during the next months :

25/07 - Tolmin, Slovenia (Metal Days)
16/09 - Wolfsburg, Germany
17/09 - Berlin, Germany (Swamp Festival)
29/10 - Rotterdam, Netherlands (Dutch Doom Days)
25/11 - Bucharest, Romania (Doom Over Bucharest II)
03/12 - Leeuwarden, Netherlands (Into Darkness Festival)

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