PORTA NIGRA - New album available for streaming

PORTA NIGRA - New album available for streaming

Considered by many as one of the most promising, audacious, eccentric and non-conformist band of the current extreme Metal scene, the Teutonic geniuses of PORTA NIGRA are streaming their stunning new album "Kaiserschnitt" in its entirety.

Considering that "Truly, no two songs on "Kaiserschnitt" really sound exactly alike – in tone, in mood, in structure – yet they’re all clearly a product of the same deranged minds." (NCS), we STRONGLY advice you to listen carefully to ALL the tracks of this incredible new opus via our medias partners:

Eternal Terror (No), VS (Fr), Metal.de (De) and No Clean Singing (Us).

"Perplexing, disturbing, and most assuredly more than a little strange around the edges, "Kaiserschnitt" offers up a compelling and unapologetic argument in support of the idea of art for art’s sake, delivering nine tracks of unique, uncompromising weirdness and wonder, a series of esoteric anthems for the lunatic fringe !" (NCS)

The extravagant artwork was conceived by the famous French artist Valnoir (Metastazis).

"Kaiserschnitt" contains 9 exquisite hymns of pure musical malevolence :

1. Die Mensur
2. Femme Fatale
3. Kaiserschnitt
4. In Stahlgewittern
5. Kein schönerer Tod
6. Mata Hari
7. Hepatitis Libido
8. Ich-Zerfall
9. Der letzte Ton

This much awaited new album is available right now as a lavish Digibook CD limited to 500 copies and digital download.

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