INFESTUS - New album details revealed

INFESTUS - New album details revealed

And what better way to introduce you to "The Reflecting Void" than a few words from the maestro, Andras ? :

"The Reflecting Void. A daring glimpse behind the mirror-like emptiness of the mind that only serves one purpose: to hide what lies underneath. A mental barrier unconsciously created by the existential need to bury unbearable emotions and experiences that corrode the “soul”. But to bury is not to delete. The cancer of the mind dwells hidden under this cloak of void. And while constantly flourishing, the light of life fades into an indistinguishable grey haze, “decolorizing” the view and encircling your existence. You may be able to reflect the darkness within and to a certain degree process it. But you will never leave behind the things that defined and changed you. Catharsis is an illusion."

Infestus - The Reflecting Void

The track listing is as follows :

1. A Dying Dream
2. Spiegel der Seele
3. Constant Soul Corrosion
4. Cortical Spreading Darkness
5. Fractal Rise Of The Fall
6. Innere Reflexion
7. Devouring Darkness
8. Origin

"The Reflecting Void", the true masterpiece of one the brightest stars on the extreme metal scene, the triumphant ascension of sadness, madness... and darkness !

This sumptuous piece of sophisticated and atmospheric Dark Metal will be available on April 25th (May 13th in North America) in CD, vinyl and digital download version.

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