DIRGE : Hyperion details unveiled

DIRGE : Hyperion details unveiled

The artwork and full tracklisting of DIRGE’s upcoming 6th opus, "Hyperion", are now revealed.

This fantastic and massive (!!) new record is a real intense listening experience. Immense, colossal and yet deeply emotional all at once. As usual, DIRGE collaborated with several other talented guests on "Hyperion ": Milena Rousseau (MIRODA), Nicolas Dick (KILL THE THRILL) and Tara Vanflower (LYCIA)

The conceptual visual art was realized and conceived by Axël Kriloff and Stefan Thanneur (CHAOS ECHOES) and can be seen below :

Dirge - Hyperion

Tracklisting is as follows :

1. Circumploaris
2. Floe
3. Venus Claws
4. Hyperion Under Glass
5. Filigree
6. Remanentie

The vinyl version will contain two bonus tracks : "Distance" and "Absence".

This highly anticipated new album will be available on March 14th (April 15th in North America) via Debemur Morti Productions in Digipack CD and 2x12" Gatefold LP.

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