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SLIDHR : The Chronicle Of A Deluge Foretold

Irish Cult entity SLIDHR is about to offer the world its first full-length album. Soberly called "Deluge", it features ten songs of innovative Supreme Black Metal which evoke celestial turmoil and welcome the next great catastrophe upon a species hypnotised and poisoned into submission. This insane masterpiece will be released in a noble 6-panel Digipack CD on May 24th (May 28th in North America). The front cover was conceived by SLIDHR mastermind J. Deegan and the layout assembled by Kontamination Design. Tracklisting is as follows :

01. Wielding Daggers
02. Hex
03. Earth's Mouth Opens
04. Symbols Obscuring
05. Rejoin The Dirt
06. Their Blood
07. Death Of The Second Sun
08. Unseen
09. As The Dead
10. Rays like Blades

You can already listen to the song “Death Of The Second Sun” at the following location :

Posted on 03-12-2013 | Category: Slidhr