Hell Eternal

Swedish Black Metal pioneers SETHERIAL certainly need no introduction. Lurking in the underground since 1993, the horde recently decided to join forces with Debemur Morti Productions. We're mutually honoured, as Mysteriis relates: "I think DMP is perfect for SETHERIAL. We really have found our best settlement for the horde and we're working with great enthusiasm on the next album." The band is currently busy writing its as-yet-untitled 7th album, which shall be released in 2012.

If you haven't done so yet, get your hands on their latest release - the excellent "Treason" 7" EP, released by Goathorned Productions. Last but not least, SETHERIAL will be headlining "Under The Black Sun Festival" Part 14 in Bernau/Helenenau (near Berlin), Germany, on July 2nd; don't miss them !

Posted on 06-15-2011 | Category: Setherial 519

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