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"Codex Obscura Nomina" the otherwordly split album between two of metal’s most adventurous and creative bands of our epoch, BLUT AUS NORD and AEVANGELIST, is listenable in its entirety below :

So far the critics are pretty stellar :

  • "One of the best splits you’ll ever hear – two true pioneers of extreme music bypassing any boundaries that may prohibit their peers to deliver some of their most inventive, yet most lethal music yet." (The Lair Of Filth)

  • "New ways of expression, new ways of manifesting not only the nightmarish incantations of black metal and death metal, respectively, but also the pain, peril, and potentials of isolation as the wellspring of new realities" (No Clean Singing)

  • "Two of metal’s most daring and interesting bands, and to have both locked into the same creative space is an enthralling thing, one that will reprogram your brain and how you process art" (Meat Mead Metal)

  • "A great and immersive piece – both bands have really delivered here and as result have created a wonderful listen." (Soundcloud Magazine)

  • ""Codex Obscura Nomina" as a whole serves as an excellent showcase of what these bands are capable of and the more adventurous dark souls out there are well-catered with this split release." (Lords Of Metal)

"Codex Obscura Nomina" contains 5 immersive compositions :

- Evanescent Hallucinations (BLUT AUS NORD)
- Resonnance(s) (BLUT AUS NORD)
- The Parallel Echöes (BLUT AUS NORD)
- Infra-Voices Ensemble (BLUT AUS NORD)
- Threshold Of The Miraculous (ÆVANGELIST)

The conceptual artwork has been realized by Daniel Valencia from Fenomeno Design.

This amazing piece of Avant-Garde extreme Art is available on Digipack CD, Gatefold 12" LP and special edition Gatefold 12" LP (ltd. to 150 units). A nice t-shirt is also available.

The digital version is available on Bandcamp as well as through all other usual platforms.

The split album will be officially out in North America on July 22nd. Distribution through Thrill Jockey Records.