The title, artwork and full tracklisting of WALLACHIA's upcoming third full-length are now unveiled. Recorded, mixed & mastered at Soundtempel Studios, "Shunya" is an introspective, instantly-accessible Metal album that stays faithful to the epic-sounding natural rawness that has been WALLACHIA's trademark since the mid-90s. Artwork was crafted by Romanian artist Laura Sava and can be seen in bigger size here.
Tracklisting is as follows:

1- Dual Nothingness
2- Gloria In Excelsis Ego
3- Ksatriya
4- Enlightened By Deception
5- Hypotheist
6- Nostalgia Among The Ruins Of Common Sense
7- Harbinger Of Vacuumanity
8- Emotional Ground Zero

The album will be available on CD on November 16th (January 8th 2013 in North America). In the meanwhile, a video trailer is viewable through our YouTube channel :