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This is not an aesthetic conversion of depression to music. This is science and the destination of mankind in the hundreds of years to come.

THANATONAUT  is a space Black Metal project founded in 2015 by Eija Risen, that shifts the focus of the genre from the vile and the gruesome to the realistic perception of the universe, the true scale of things, our place within it, and the potential fate of mankind. It serves as a reminder that we are woefully limited as species and must act if we want to survive.

It all started with the realization that commonly available models of the Solar System and Outer Space are bound to be highly misleading and inaccurate. Most of the space is just space, occasionally specked with tiny clusters of energy and matter. Despite the beautiful and colorful images often associated with space, the reality is far more empty, cold, and hostile. Further exploration of this concept has erased the naivety we share when it comes to futuristic visions and led to the bleakest vision imaginable - because it is TRUE and universal to all.

The project's name is Greek for "death sailor". This theme is carried throughout the music, as THANATONAUT delves into the idea of the inevitable demise of everything, be it mankind, celestial bodies or the Universe itself. The music portrays an immense and ruthless power that acts upon the conscious actor. The project promises to push the frontiers of the genre by any means suitable.