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  • Dagger Lust
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    12" LP THE GUTTERS OF DREAD Hellish and primal anguish embody the debut LP of Dagger Lust: Siege Bondage Adverse to the Godhead. Taking on a more sonically scattered approach, Siege Bondage Adverse to the Godhead pushes Dagger Lust beyond its already relentless fury to depraved heights of misery and disgust. The album's trajectory manages to incorporate...
  • Adzalaan
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    12" LP INFILTRATION PSYCHOSIS // MIRROR IMMERSION Adzalaan's debut LP Into Vermilion Mirrors thrusts the project beyond a standalone solo working of R, but refocuses Vrasubatlat as a whole to accept the entity as one of the cabal's core focuses. Into Vermilion Mirrors manages to meander across many different forms of black/death metal while maintaining...
  • Serpents Lair
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    12" MLP A swarming violation of the universal psyche. Grey/black swirl record.Released by Fallen Empire Records.
  • Mare Cognitum / Spectral Lore
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    Gatefold 2x12" LP Great Atmospheric Black Metal. Vinyl reissue of Sol, collaborative split between MARE COGNITUM and SPECTRAL LORE.Features an audio remaster by Jacob Buczarski. Blue/black swirl record.Released by Fallen Empire Records.
  • Mare Cognitum
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    12" LP Awesome ambient/atmospheric black metal. The Sea Which Has Become Known is the first release of MARE COGNITUM. It was recorded during the summer of 2011 and released in July. Green/black swirl record. Comes with 2-page insert.Released by Fallen Empire Records.
  • Serpent Column
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    12" LP This new American two-piece plays towering, majestic black/death carried by blazing, virtuosic tremolo melodies, and driven home by a dizzying, kit-wrecking drum assault. Serpent Column finds the inner connections between seemingly disparate styles, weaving together the cathedral-esque atmospheres and abrasive textures of Deathspell Omega, the...
  • Jassa
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    12" LP Fog and stillness; the True God resides in The Abyss, where there is no past and no future. Brown/blue splatter record.Released by Fallen Empire Records.
  • Utzalu
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    12" LP Vengeance vision in streamsLeft in timeAnd I cut into my wallsThe lost connectionTo the cursed wombIn the cleansing of their moralsAnd enemies of their nobilityThe debut full length and fourth proclamation of scornful revenge by Utzalu: The Loins of Repentance. Formed in the corridors of wretch, this album employs the visions of Emile Zola in...
  • Voidsphere
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    12" LP Voidsphere is worship of the void. It is that, and only that. Voidsphere Pràva.Grey/Black swirl record.Released by Fallen Empire Records.
  • Shrine Of Insanabilis
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    12" LP Although literally emerging from nothingness earlier this year, SHRINE OF INSANABILIS are no mere acolytes, instead evincing a master's knowledge across their debut album. Never more aptly titled, Disciples of the Void comprises six testimonies to the fiery aspiration for enlightenment through inconceivable nothingness. These testimonies are also...
  • Ilmestys
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    12" LP Compilation of both Ilmestys demos released on vinyl. Scorching black punk from Toronto.Black record.Released by Fallen Empire Records.
  • Blattaria
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    12" LP Frenzied and disorienting black metal, frantically striving for nihility.Red/Black Swirl record.Released by Fallen Empire Records.