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Eryn Non Dae. 

Few are the bands who put excruciating effort into every aspect of a record, music, artwork, lyrical themes, the works. Even fewer are the bands that continually top themselves in every regard on every release, repeatedly refining themselves and covering new ground with every album. ERYN NON one such band. Since forming under the name END in France in 2001, they have continuously honed and deepened their progressive metal sound, crafting dense, sophisticated music that truly must be heard to be believed, and rewards attentive and repeated listens.

After a lengthy period of artistic recovery following the release of “Meliora” in 2012, ERYN NON DAE. regrouped and furiously crafted their most recent opus, “Abandon Of The Self”, released through Debemur Morti productions in March of 2018. Simultaneously their most atmospheric release and their most visceral, "Abandon Of The Self” is the result of a band at their best.